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Publisher: Ropati Hebenstreit
sales: (808) 351-2398

Writers: Meg Blaser, Cheance Adair, Harvie Allison, Gaylord Wilcox, Cheryl Skribe, Liko Wallace, Cara Mazzei

Photos: Peter Caldwell, Brian Vestyck, Harvie Allison,, Jon Brunk Photography: Ropati Hebenstreit

Proof reader: Amy Hebenstreit


Mission Statement: to bring the excitement of outrigger paddling to a larger audience. We feel that Pacific Paddler’s hui of supporters, contributors, subscribers and advertisers is helping the sport grow, not only here in Hawaii, but around the world. Thanks for your contribution to the sport.

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Pa’a Eono Hoe

Ptoto by Peter Caldwell
On May 23rd the Paddlers Athletic Association held an Iron OC6 race from Papohaku Beach on Molokai’s West End to Maunalua Bay on Oahu. Out of 27 teams, Team Kamanu finished first in three hours, 56 minutes, 40 seconds. The crew was made up of Travis Grant, Bill Pratt, Justin Watts, Scott Hendrix, Luke Evslin and Jimmy Austin. The major difference in this race was that it was open to any type of canoe, whether traditional or modern. Another difference was that it was an iron race. Team Kamanu easily won the race in their new design. Team Livestrong finished second in a time of four hours, nine minutes, 10 seconds. Team Pa’a took third in 4:12:36, racing in a traditional-style boat.
Amongst the women, Free Agent, made up of Michelle Arnold, Grace Emanuel, Sarah Van de Vanter, Claire Townsend, Arlene Holzman and Madisen Minkel, finished in four hours, 55 minutes, 36 seconds. Waikiki Beach Boys took second in 5:04:33 and Kailua Masters 50 third in 5:18.38.

For more results visit Pa'a's web site


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