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Publisher: Ropati Hebenstreit
sales: (808) 351-2398

Writers: Meg Blaser, Cheance Adair, Harvie Allison, Gaylord Wilcox, Cheryl Skribe, Liko Wallace, Cara Mazzei

Photos: Peter Caldwell, Brian Vestyck, Harvie Allison, www.photo-ducos.nc, Jon Brunk Photography: Ropati Hebenstreit

Proof reader: Amy Hebenstreit


Mission Statement: to bring the excitement of outrigger paddling to a larger audience. We feel that Pacific Paddler’s hui of supporters, contributors, subscribers and advertisers is helping the sport grow, not only here in Hawaii, but around the world. Thanks for your contribution to the sport.

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Entry form and information on the I Remember You Fundraiser race for the wounded Warrior programs

On the cover: Waikiki Beach Boys Regatta.
Photo by Ropati

Contents, August 2010<pdf of current issue>
Pa’a Eono Hoe
A 4th of July Tradition
Waikiki Beach Boys Regatta
Battle Of The Paddle
Da Keiki Ocean Fest
Molokai Hosts States
Racing in Gibons, BC
New Caledonia World Sprints
Hamilton Island Cup
SCORA Closes Iron Season
Improve performance with Chinese medicine
Na Wahine O Ke Kai
What's Hot?
Weekend Warrior
I'll Remember You - Wounded Warrior fundraiser

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One thing I've noticed in this issue is that there are plenty of smiling people. To point out the obvious, that means people are having fun. I have noticed, and it makes me feel like I'm missing out; it makes me want to get back into a canoe. I miss the excitement of lining up for the race, the adrenaline rush when my body moves into overdrive. It would be nice just to get out on the water and take a leisurely paddle in my OC1, but that wouldn't be the same as sharing the experience of a race. The coaches briefing, the warm up paddle to the starting line, a quick glance at the other crews, sizing up the competition, lining up and waiting for the yellow flag to start waving, then the red, green! The start, the explosion at the line, and hopefully the feel in the boat of six paddlers in harmony, humming down the course, and the finish, the last push, the search for the extra bit of power followed by the relief of crossing the finish line, the need for oxygen. Lots of it. Whether we are first (most of the time not) or last, it's back to the beach, back to the club tent, back to going over the race and reliving it, sharing our experiences with teammates, family and friends, then the anticipation for the next race.
Our magazine is a collection of stories like that. We get them from around the world and share them with you. I don't know about you, but when I see the pictures in the magazine, I want to jump into a canoe.

October 16th Join us for our Pacific Paddler PARTY fundraiser at Jimmy Buffett's

This year we are going to repeate our fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Program here in Hawaii. For details follow this link
Last year we raised money and had a fantastic party at Jimmy Buffett's with door prises, live music and great food

Letter to the Editor

Noticed last issue (April) you had an unidentified photo of my 18 year old son, Taylor Hopkins (above) on his surfski (pg 10 from Koa Nui races). This issue you have a really nice photo of Taylor and me at the Kanaka Ikaika awards (pg 14). Taylor won the junior surfski long course, I won the 50's short course. I am usually one of the last to finish, but enter every race. Taylor on the other hand is doing really well; I expect you will see a lot more of him and thought I should introduce him to you (he's done two Molokai relays and last year's Epic solo, he was second in the state in ILH distance kayaking this year (his school, Le Jardin, won this year's ILH varsity division). He is currently stroking the Lanikai 18's and also doing HCKT and HVA and building a canoe in our back yard in Hakipu'u. Taylor has one more year of high school, so it will be a blast to watch him race. I also have a younger son Coburn Hopkins (15) which you correctly identified in the February 2009 issue (pg. 6).

FYI, Mike Dowsett did a couple of the short course races on OC-1 this season and is a classmate of Taylor's at Le Jardin. I am sure there will be a lot of laughs about the mix-up.
We love your magazine and always flip through first to see who we know and then again to actually read it.

If a home subscription helps you stay afloat (I was reading some of your challenges on OC-Paddler), we would be happy to sign up for one.
Since you must live in Ka'a'awa, I expect you pass by our house all the time ("Fresh Flowers" cart in our driveway).
Mahalo, Kathleen McGovern-Hopkins

Thanks for the clarification and your support. I'm sure we will see more of your sons in the future. I do remember where your flower stand is. We stop by occasionally to buy flowers. It's also the same place we got our pot belly pig, Curlie. He is circled below during one of our fanciful family outings at Makaha.

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