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Mission Statement: to bring the excitement of outrigger paddling to a larger audience. We feel that Pacific Paddler’s hui of supporters, contributors, subscribers and advertisers is helping the sport grow, not only here in Hawaii, but around the world. Thanks for your contribution to the sport.

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Na Wahine O Ke Kai
Molokai Hoe
Harrison 'Beanie' Lono Heen
What is tradition?
Paddling Scholarship
SoCal Ocean Racing
Another Dam Race
Canadian National Sprint Champs
Keeping your muscles limber
Canoe surfing challenge

"It was really rough and sloppy, just a lot of stuff coming left-to-right, right-to-left. Lucky the current and wind was pushing us the whole way."
- Molokai Hoe

On the cover Harrison 'Beanie' Lono Heen

2012 IVF World Outrigger Sprint Due Dates
The 2012 IVF World Outrigger Sprint Championships is August 11 thru 15, 2012 in Calgary, Canada. An intent to participate is due October 31, 2011. Information submitted will be used to help in the planning and organization of the Hawaii trials, which will be held on Sunday, January 15 at Keehi Lagoon. The intent to participate fee is $100.00 per Club/Team and $10.00 for each V1 paddler. Trial registration deadline is November 30 with a fee of $30.00 per paddler/person. Late trial registration fee $50.00 per paddler/person.
After the Hawaii Trails, the Hawaii area coordinator will notify each club/team or individual of the results and final payment. The final registration fee is due January 31. Only those who qualify for Hawaii's allotted lanes will be notified. It is mandatory that all Hawaii clubs, teams and paddlers wear the Hawaii Racing Jersey. Hawaii Delegation T-shirts are recommended.
Final registration fee is $60.00 per paddler plus Hawaii Racing Jersey and delegation tee shirt for $45.00.
All forms and payments should be sent to: Luana Froiseth
791 Sunset Ave
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
or phone 808-732-2639(H) or 808-330-4774.
Make all payments to: HCRA – World Sprints. All payments are non- refundable.

Paddling Scholarship

>>See this story along with photos in the digitized edition of Pacific Paddler >>

Kahala Schneider, age 17, is Hawaii's first student to receive athletic scholarship offers to top ranked athletic mainland colleges based on her Hawaiian canoe paddling capabilities. Kahala is a student at La Pietra, Hawaii School for Girls and has been given an official collegiate athletic scholarship offer for rowing.

Kahala and her mother Pi'ilani Schneider said it took years of commitment to the sport to become a legitimate prospect for some of the top conferences in the country. "There are many paddlers that walk onto a crew in college and become one of their best rowers, but scholarships have never been offered in their first year. Kahala is a great athlete and we are thrilled, honored and grateful to receive a choice, as these colleges offer excellent academic and sports curriculums. Because this is a first for Hawaii, we hope to share our knowledge of the recruiting process to other student athletes and also to promote our cultural sport of canoe paddling," said Pi'ilani Schneider.

Kahala Schneider learned to paddle when she was 12, and later took up kayaking during the off-season to stay in shape. Her plan was to stay home in Hawaii, attend the University of Hawaii and continue to train at HCKT with Olympic Kayak medalist Coach Shelley Oats-Wilding. But when three Division One college coaches came to Hawaii over the summer to observe Kahala and other high school students, they soon realized these paddlers were great candidates for their rowing programs; Kahala's options opened up. One coach followed her to the Hawaii State Canoe Championships on Maui this year and gave Kahala a generous verbal offer as soon as her race was through. Kahala received calls from other Division 1 coaches and it's been a whirlwind. Pi'ilani went on to say that she hopes Kahala's scholarship opportunity will set a precedent for other Hawaii student athletes and that it will raise the bar for Hawaii to become a serious feeder state for collegiate rowing.

According to Pi'ilani, if it weren't for Jack Wright and CSA Prepstar, none of this would be a reality. CSA Prepstar connected all of the dots & exposed Kahala's talents to the right coaches. Those truly interested in achieving these results should call him.

Below is a list of Kahala Schneider's water sports accolades:
* 2011 - 1st Place Varsity Kayaking, 2000 meters Championships & Series Champion
* 2011 - Team Captain Varsity Kayaking, PAC 5 & TEAM MVP
* 2011 - HCRA State Runner-Up, Club Canoe Paddling
* 2011 - 1st Place HUI WA'A Championships, Steersman (Girls 16)