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Padding is enjoyed by paddlers throughout Hawaii and around the world. We cover the World of Outrigger Canoe Paddling

Pacific Paddler was released in April 1996 (left) as a magazine for paddlers by paddlers. It’s mission was to make the sport of outrigger canoe paddling more visible. It’s main purpose is to provide the paddling community with it’s own vehicle to showcase Hawaii’s State Team Sport. Because of our broad coverage of paddling, each issue released is eagerly anticipated by paddlers here in Hawaii and around the world. We print 36,000 copies a year and are read over 100,00 times. Outrigger canoe paddling is Hawaii’s State Team Sport and is growing in popularity. Paddling is one of the only sports that has direct links to Hawaii’s Polynesian heritage. Over the last 14 years we have helped introduce the sport around the globe. Paddlers are attracted to the healthy non-violent team sport and the ohana associated with paddling. In Hawaii there are over 10,000 active paddlers of all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds. Their occupations range from judges to construction workers, including politicians, bus drivers, architects, doctors, nurses, plumbers, carpenters, engineers, entrepreneurs, students their parents and their parent’s parents. Pacific Paddler has readers throughout Hawaii, in the Continental US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cook Islands, Italy,, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Tahiti. The online magazine is viewed anywhere paddlers live. Fifteen percent is mailed out to paddlers outside of Oahu, 35 percent distributed to stores paddlers frequent and the balance is distributed to paddlers at selected outrigger events.

Mission Statement: to bring the excitement of outrigger paddling to a larger audience. We feel that Pacific Paddler’s hui of supporters, contributors, subscribers and advertisers is helping the sport to grow, not only here in Hawaii, but around the world.