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This year there was a race with $50,000 in prize money. The race got canoe builders excited because they could test their OC6 designs against other builders prototypes. It was also a challenge for paddlers, taking part in a 3-day, 3-island race. The evolution of the canoe is surging forward as more canoe builders are building their own canoes. Canoe hull-speed theory and ultra-light, superstrong materials means we will find the ultimate canoe design theory sooner than later.
Now what we need is to build the motor, the paddler. We need a supply of puka shells, a rich corporation to pay wages for a couple of crews. Perhaps our government could give them a tax break. I thought I heard in the news that the state has over $300 million in tax revenue surplus; let's put some into the state team sport!
Last issue I wrote that we needed a sales person, well writing down what you want really works. Nicole Emmerson has jumped into the frying pan, I should say canoe, and with her experience and enthusiasm for the sport, she will be a great asset to the magazine. She has been involved in the sport for many years having paddled with Lokahi and Outrigger Canoe Club. She's also had lots of experience helping to run races with her dad Jon Emmerson at Kanaka Ikaika and is also involved with the Great Aloha Run.

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A miss-mash of photos and video from the Walter MacFarlane 4th of July Regatta

Below a light hearted look at a OC6 race between Hawaii & Tahiti