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Molokai Hoe

  • Molokai Hoe 2014
    We all expected Tahiti to win The Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe and they did. The surprise was that it wasn’t 8-time defending champion Shell Vaa. EDT Vaa-1 broke Shell’s winning reign taking top honors for the Tahitians in 4:51:43. Shell, who held the lead most of the way across the […]
  • 1966: The Epic Moloka’i Crossing
    Fifty years ago, one of the most memorable races across the Kaiwi Channel took place. Paddlers who participated often say it was truly unforgettable, and these days the race would have almost certainly been cancelled because of the  violent conditions. “Of all the races Iʻve ever done, I will […]
  • 1966 A Memorable Year
    This additional account is excerpted from Molokai-Oahu through the Years, the definitive historical work about the race published in 2006: 1966 Whenever paddlers get together and talk of rough seas and violent conditions, the fifteenth crossing in 1966 remains to this day the yardstick by which all […]

NaWahine O Ke Kai

  • NaWahine O Ke Kai 2016

    NaWahine O Ke Kai 2016

    Race on. Last year due to an unruly Kaiwi Channel, Na Wahine O Ke Kai was cancelled. The year before that, 2014 Waikiki Beach Boys claimed the title, so with surging determination Team Bradley was out to get it back. Team Bradley had won nine of the last 11 races, including 6-in-a-row. The only other […]Read More »
  • BeachGirls In Flight

    BeachGirls In Flight

    Tell us about the WAIKIKI BEACH BOYS It was WBBCC founders that set out to share the spirit of aloha through the love and respect of the ocean and outrigger canoe paddling. As a club, we continue to want to make sure that each of our paddlers has the opportunity to have many different experiences […]Read More »
  • Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2014

    Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2014

    Hawaiian Airlines Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2014 Waikiki Beach Boys put the second notch on the club’s tally of Na Wahine O Ke Kai wins finishing first in 5:29:12. Their first win came in 2011 when they defeated Team Bradley, who have won this race eight times since 2005. Team Bradley took second with […]Read More »