The Outrigger Ergometer


The Outrigger Ergometer by Kayak Pro arrived by Fed-X in two boxes. The instructions for assembly were easy to follow and it came together in about an hour ­— ready to test out. The quality of the machine is first class and tech support, if you need it, is ‘standing by’. There is extensive information on their web site on how to set up and use the software to program distance or time interval workouts.

A heart monitor can be included in the real time readout on the monitor, along with speed, calories burned, heart rate and distance traveled. What I enjoyed was being able to get ‘a paddle-in’ if a few minutes opened up during the day. I can schedule a 20-minute paddle every morning and evening. What’s also intriguing is that you can go online and race against others. I’ll do more research on this, but what I liked was being able to demonstrate to our kids paddle theory, and they seemed to really get into it. Try getting a keiki away from her iPad, Minecraft, or Xbox.


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