Pacific Paddler Mission

A MAGAZINE FOR PADDLERS BY PADDLERS: to bring the excitement of outrigger paddling to a larger audience.

We feel that Pacific Paddler’s hui of supporters, contributors, subscribers and advertisers is helping the sport grow, not only here in Hawaii, but around the world.

Our Goal 

To perpetuate the culture and history of Polynesia through the canoe and the paddle. 

Our Focus

On paddling and the active lifestyle that goes with it. Paddling is a sport for everyone, any gender any age from 6 to 86. We want to encourage novice paddlers to join clubs and older paddlers to try it out.


To encourage paddlers to work together as a team. Be responsible, respectful and knowledgeable about the canoe and it’s cultural significance. Paddling helps get kids off the streets and into an active healthy environment. The sport is an alternative to other contact sports.

Giving Back

Paddling for causes. Helping to organize and run charity races to rase money and awareness for those in need. A way for the paddling community to show support for those less fortunate.

Culture And The Arts

The sport is rich in Hawaiian words and traditions of canoe building, engineering and resourcefulness. We support cultural events, to help promote the idea of being stewards of the forest and ocean. Through the canoe we spread the ideas of ohana, the extended family and the strength of community involvement.


One way to show visitors a unique aspect of Hawaii. Get visitors in canoes. It’s an interactive way to pass on some traditions of the Hawaiian culture. Living in harmony with your resources.