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What is the value of advertising with us?

Paddlers look forward to each new issue of Pacific Paddler. The magazine is free and collected as mementos by many involved in the sport. By supporting the magazine you are part of the paddling movement. Your business is associated with our paddling lifestyle. You are seen as supporting the local community by helping us perpetuate the Hawaiian canoe culture.Our goal

Our Goal

To help pass down the knowledge of the past to the future. To encourage people to

To help pass down the knowledge of the past to the future. To encourage people to
connect to their ‘roots’ through the canoe and to show business and the government
that the official team sport of Hawaii needs help to run events and promote the sport
internationally. As a tool, the magazine helps new clubs expand outside Hawaii. When
a paddler wants to show a potential sponsor what outrigger racing is all about, they can
simply give them a copy of our magazine.

The Benefits of Outrigger Canoe Paddling

Fitness; Paddling is an active lifestyle that anyone of any gender and age can do to
stay fit and healthy. We want to inspire novice paddlers to join clubs and get involved.

Education; It gets people to paddle together as one, work as a team. We encourage
getting kids in canoes. Keep them off the streets after school. Paddling is another alternative
to other contact sports.

Mental health; The healing power of groups, social interaction within a canoe, all
pulling together. We continue to support the ‘Wounded Warrior’ program, Na Koa, which
is helping soldiers recover from combat. Paddling is also useful to help integrate soldiers
back into society.

Giving back; Paddling for causes. Helping to organize and run charity races. A way
for the paddling community to help their neighbors in need. We are also keen to continue
our ‘I Remember You’ paddling fund-raiser.

History and the Arts; The sport is rich in Hawaiian words and traditions of canoe
building, engineering, and resourcefulness. We support cultural events, to help promote
the idea of being stewards of the forest and ocean, and to encourage the development
of an Outrigger Center, preferably at ‘Sand Island’. We feel paddling and the magazine
helps spread the concept of ohana, the extended family.

Culture and the tourist; One way to show visitors a unique aspect of Hawaii. Get
visitors in canoes. It’s an interactive way to pass on some traditions of the Hawaiian culture.
Living in harmony with your resources.

Our Audience

There are more than 13,000 active paddlers in Hawaii and thousands more beyond our shores. There are thousands more who have paddled or who paddle recreationally. We reach paddlers throughout Hawaii, on the US mainland, Canada, Australia, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Japan, Hong Kong, Fiji, Peru, Brazil, London, New Zealand, to name a few.

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