Wa’a Unlimited


 A new family of canoes takes shape

When I started paddling in 2011, I was immediately in love with the sport and the people I met. That first season taught me the meaning of Ohana and made me want to give back. So I decided to jump in with both feet and in January 2012, we built not one but two unlimited canoes. At that time there were only three unlimited canoes on the beach. These lighter, faster canoes are going to take our sport to the next level. So with over 35 years of Aerospace manufacturing experience, and with the help of some experienced paddlers, we fabricated two OC6’s. We call our business Wa’a Unlimited.

Our canoes saw plenty of racing action in the 2012 season, and I toured the state with both canoes from San Francisco to San Diego sharing the unlimited canoe experience with clubs from all over. With each paddler, we made friends and built lifelong friendships. As we paddled with people from all over, we were able to gain more knowledge and apply that to our canoe building and also canoe refurbishment. We have had the pleasure of restoring a Kukini Racer as well as a Malia, and as we worked on them, you could sense the energy from all the paddlers these canoes have held over the years.

We have also refurbished two unlimited canoes, and I must say they are two of the most beautiful canoes on the beach. With our attention to detail and expert painting capabilities we have given these fast boats a new life and energy.

We are looking forward to restoring more canoes in the upcoming off-season and welcome all clubs to inquire about canoe repair, paint and also purchasing a new unlimited canoe. We are currently designing a new truck rack for the paddler market that will enable the consumer to carry their OC1s, paddleboards and all support equipment with ease.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me turn my dream into a reality and also all of the mentoring and advice I have received from some of the best paddlers in the world.

Mahalo, Alex Gonzales




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