Fai 3x V1’s


Take your training up a notch affordably.

Tiger Canoe is bringing in entry level Fai 3x V1’s from Tahiti.

V1’s are perfect for individual training and lend themselves to improved paddling technique, power application, and improved feel for the wind and water.

Va’a will be hand laid polyester/E-Glass, sturdy and flexible at a fantastic price.
World champion paddlers and crews train on V1 canoes and the results continue to show year after year.

See what all the fuss is about… put your order in now. They won’t last long.

Contact tiger@tigercanoe.com for more information.

Tiger Canoe has teamed up with the Fai Va’a team to manufacture Fai Va’a’s 3x V1 design. Fai Va’a’s designs are some of the best in the world, and they have entrusted us to build their exclusive canoes in Hawaii.


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