New V6 Racing Canoe Is Here


Pacific Paddler is excited to introduce the Vantage6 from IHE Canoe and Designs.

It is a computer generated and drag tested legal spec canoe.

A new ama has also been created. The designer is Steve Blyth of his old company, Wilder Canoe.

The Vantage 6 has been put through a head to head comparison water test, in 2-to-3-foot max conditions. She came out on top. One comment was, “She dropped in easier and carried further.” This is what he wanted to hear. As this is the biggest characteristic you want improvement in as a designer. Another comment was, “She spun as well in the trough,” which tells people that the canoe is maneuverable.

Steve has great respect for all canoe builders and designers. But of course a designer enjoys the challenge of creating something that performs at a higher level. He said, “All designers are trying to design the best all around performer.” So Steve wanted to design this new 6 man to perform at a higher level in the smaller conditions, 4-foot and under. Steve believes he has done this with the new Vantage 6.

There was also a need for another legal spec canoe with Karel Tresnak retiring.

The Vantage 6, V6, will be produced in Hilo by Frank Haug. He was with Force Marine for 25 years and built the 20 or so Patterson canoe. Frank and Steve have gone over every aspect of the building process and have come up with some innovative ideas with the build as well. We want to build the most durable and stiffest polyester/fiberglasscanoe possible. So Steve is saying “you will see a few different things on the Vantage 6” that are new and innovative construction and design wise. Steve “wanted the canoe to feel smaller and lighter” for a 400lb canoe. He said “there are things you can do to achieve this and be at the same weight”.

Blyth has done well in the past with the WaveBlade/Polaris hull, WaveBlade 2 and the Vantage one man. Of course he hopes the Vantage 6 will perform at a high level and add to the fun of outrigger canoe racing.

Steve wants to say mahalo to his great naval architect, investors, builder and friends that helped to get this project to fruition. And of course the Creator!

See the IHE Canoe & Designs ad on page 9 or call (808) 987-5680.



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