We’re Back


Mahalo to everyone who has supported us on this journey back into print.

After dropping a February edition and while on the hunt for another line of employment, I was bombarded everywhere I went by paddlers who were disappointed that we were going out of business.

‘Surely (we) can find support to keep you going.’ There were options; Pacific Paddler could go strictly web with a digital magazine, but it was a hard copy of Pacific Paddler in their hands that most paddlers wanted.

I was contacted by Loren Nelson, a web master in California, with NelsonEcom.com who are digital media communications specialists. Loren offered to revamp our web presence and help us find advertisers. This was great. They even got us enrolled in a FedEx grant contest. So with a new web look, new confidence and our continuing mission, I reached out to businesses who support the paddling community for advertising commitments, and with the help from our printers at Trade Publishing, we came up with a formula to keep the presses rolling.

I am very grateful to the businesses who have stepped up to the plate to hit this one out of the park. Mahalo to: OluKai, Kai Opua’s Queen Liliuokalani Outrigger Canoe Races, Ozone, Huki, Tiger Canoes, Scott Hawaii, Maui Jim, Go Bananas, Kamanu Composites, Quickblade Paddles, Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association, Kai Wa’a, Jamba Juice, Kai Ko’o Paddles, Island Paddler, Gillespie Paddles, Foti Bros, Safe Sea sunscreens, Jaco Rehabilitation 
and Paddle Fiji. Mahalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Ropati, I am so glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your magazine has been an inspiration since I started paddling in 2010. I was never into sports ever before, and since 2010, I just can’t stop paddling.


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